06 April 2014

Fairburn Ings

Photos taken at Fairburn Ings, Fairburn - North Yorkshire on 06 April 2014

Pussy Willows

Mute Swan

Tufted Ducks


Black-headed Gull

Wood Pigeon


Great Tit
Mallard (left)

01 January 2014

Happy and Sunny New Year!

Photos taken on 31 December 2013 and on 01 January 2014 at Parco Ragazzi del '99 and San Giorgio - Bassano del Grappa

Playing hide and seek 

Persimmon trees in the background.  Nobody seems to be interested in harvesting the fruits.

"OK, Daddy ... chase me!" - Brontë

24 December 2013

Buon Natale!

Nativity Scene at the Duomo di Treviso

Minimalist Christmas decor in Padova

La Fontana delle Tette - water is potable!