26 October 2014

See You Later, Alligator!

15 October 2014.  Savannah National Wildlife Refuge in Georgia and South Carolina.

Before heading to the refuge, we dropped by the visitor center to get a map and determine what wildlife we might encounter.  The affable lady who helped us was a mine of information, indeed.  She enumerated the different species of birds we could spot and made a note on the "Outdoor and Nature Attractions in Coastal GA/SC Area" she handed to us.  She also mentioned that some visitors had reported sighting of at least seven alligators.  We saw nine ... ha!

Alligator 1:  I was busy photographing Purple Gallinules when Pete told me that something was watching us closely.  Our very first alligator was lurking near the bank.

A couple of Park Rangers stopped and checked why I was snapping away.  We exclaimed "our first crocodile!"  They retorted, "We have alligators in South Carolina and Georgia.  Florida has crocodiles." :D They reckoned that this monster was about 10 feet and it could grow up to 14 feet.  And I thought it was already HUGE!

Alligator 2

Alligator 3

Alligators 4 and 5:  Mama gator and baby gator.  I'd seen the image a million times on Animal Planet and National Geographic but I felt all warm and fuzzy inside when I stumbled upon this image.  I couldn't help "aaaaaawing" while photographing.  Apologies for being a drama queen.

Alligator 6:  We found this little one in the same pond where mama and baby gators were sunbathing.  We assumed he was one of hers.

Alligator 7

Alligator 8

Alligator 9

24 October 2014

Hunting Island Shore Birds

12 October 2014.  We spotted some feathered friends while walking on Hunting Island Beach in Beaufort, South Carolina.

Great Black-Backed Gull

Ruddy Turnstone




22 October 2014

Hunting Island

12 October 2014.  Hunting Island State Park in Beaufort, South Carolina.  This is one of the most fun and interesting walks we've had with Brontë thanks to the driftwood on the beach.  It was a-"maze"-ing ! :D