27 May 2015

Desert View Watchtower

May 4, 2015

After doing the Bright Angel Trail in the morning, we visited the Desert View Watchtower in the afternoon as we wanted to take advantage of the glorious weather.  It’s located 25 miles east of Grand Canyon Village.

24 May 2015

Bright Angel Trail – 1½-Mile Resthouse

May 4, 2014

On our second day at GCNP, adventures beckoned.  We were going to (partially) hike down the mule trail that goes to the bottom of the canyon.  (May the force be with us!)  We took the shuttle bus from our campground and got off at Hermits Rest Route Transfer where the Bright Angel Trailhead is located.  We couldn’t take Brontë with us because she’s not allowed below the rim and on shuttle buses.  

As expected, going down was easy peasy.  Along the way, we met a few people equipped with their bulky backpacks and walking sticks who stayed overnight at the bottom of the canyon.  We spoke with them about their experiences and although the hike up was daunting, I felt their sense of fulfillment.  The green-eyed monster stalked me and then an idea started percolating.  I asked Pete, “What if we came back to Grand Canyon next year and went down the canyon to celebrate your 65th birthday?” We’d need to be physically fit.  We’d need to buy proper hiking gear.  We were excited about the prospect.

We reached the 1½-Mile Resthouse in an hour.  We feasted on our fruits and trail mix and relaxed for 10 minutes.  Then, we ascended.  “Forget about the trek,” I told Pete.  Let’s just do the mule ride down the canyon.

iPhone Panoramas

23 May 2015

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon lives up to its name.  Its grandness at 1,218,375.54 acres is overwhelming.  Its colors of green, red, brown, yellow constantly change – from subtle hues to dark and intense shades – depending on the mood of the sun and the clouds. 

We stayed at the Trailer Village RV Park in the South Rim for four days.  We were able to do the basic trails and activities for first-time visitors.  That said, we promised to be fit and come back next year. 

We arrived on the afternoon of May 2nd, set up and walked half a mile to the visitor center to get a map and guide. 

The next day, the whole pack set off at 7.30 am to avoid the crowds from the campground to the visitor center.  From there, we continued exploring the Rim Trail until the Bright Angel Trailhead where we stopped for coffee and pastry.  It’s around 5 miles (round-trip).

I took these panoramas using using my iPhone.