21 December 2014

Mitchelville Beach Park

October 2014.  Mitchelville Beach Park in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

"A Bench by the Road," a project of the Tony Morrison Society

Where did the ocean go, Dad?

Daddy was washing the stinky pluff mud off my butt.  He and Mommy got stuck and sank at least 1.5 feet.  It took a few days to get rid of the yucky smell.  

18 December 2014

Audubon Swamp Garden

November 2014.  Audubon Swamp Garden in Charleston, South Carolina.

Enjoying the peace and quiet

An African-American plantation graveyard

Tupelo trees draped in Spanish moss.  The swamp is covered by a duckweed "lawn."

Swamp Lily

Sticktight Sunflower

Pine Warbler

Wood Ducks

14 December 2014

Insecta and Arachnida

October 2014.  Some of the pretty little creatures we encountered in South Carolina and Georgia.

Gulf Fritillary

Zebra Longwing Butterflies

Monarch Butterfly

12 December 2014

10 December 2014

Life's A Beach

October 2014

Coligny Beach is one of our favorite beaches on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina.  Not only can you bring your dogs here but you can also let them off-leash as long you have them under voice control.  For Brontë and Daddy, life's indeed a beach!